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Information for vets, pharmacists and RAMAs/SQPs who prescribe equine anthelmintics.

One of the primary goals of CANTER is to provide a set of Best Practice Guidelines for the prescribing of equine wormers in the UK. The document is intended to provide evidence-based guidance for prescribers and become a single source of truth for equine parasite control to bring consistency across the advice that horse owners and keepers receive. The guidelines are currently in draft with the intention to publish before the end of 2023.

Parasite Risk Profile Tool

If the link above doesn’t automatically open a dialogue box to download the .zip file, right click on the link, ‘copy link address’ and paste this into a new browser window to prompt downloading.

To support prescribers and increase awareness about wormer resistance with clients and customers, CANTER has developed a free profiling resource that we are encouraging you to share. The Parasite Risk Table and supporting infographics are intended to highlight the broad range of factors that influence a horse’s parasite risk. Working through the risk factors of the CANTER acronym: Clinical history, Age Profile, Number of horses, Test results, Environment to give an overall parasite Risk profile, the aim is to give owners an easy assessment tool to categorise their horses as low, medium or high risk of parasite infection and disease and take appropriate action.

It’s hoped that increased understanding of these factors will help to open the dialogue with prescribers about ways to manage parasite risk and reduce exposure to wormers. Prescribers should be promoting testing before treatment – worm egg counts, tapeworm testing and the small redworm blood test to target wormers only where necessary – as well as pasture management techniques to break the lifecycles of the parasites without relying on chemicals.

Gallery of Social Media Infographics

We’re encouraging you to use these infographics on your website and social media. Simply download the asset file and use with suggested post content in the enclosed Excel worksheet. In using these free resources we respectively request you do not alter or edit them in any way. Thank you for your support in helping to raise awareness of this important topic.