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For the horses in your care?

Please contact your prescriber who will be able to advise you on what to do next. Vets, pharmacists and SQP’s (Suitably Qualified Persons) are all able to give advice on this aspect of horse health and can help you plan a strategic parasite control programme.


Do your bit

CANTER is a voluntary group working to support the equestrian community to combat wormer resistance. You can do your bit by sharing messages and information through your networks. Collectively we need to raise awareness of this significant threat to horse wellbeing and the simple steps we all need to implement to buy us time.

Direct message

Send a message

While we don’t currently have the capacity to respond to individual messages and queries, your feedback is valuable and appreciated! If you have ideas or comments that will help us to shape the future development of CANTER then please send us a note using the form below.