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Case Studies

Horses at Bransby
Applying tapeworm testing to reduce anthelmintic treatment frequency in horses

A study published in the Equine Veterinary Journal in 2018 (Lightbody et al. 2018) demonstrated how …

More CANTER Updates

CANTER organisational structure
What are the priorities of CANTER?

CANTER consists of a core steering group supported by seven specific subgroups to underpin the aims …

CANTER Parasite risk profile results
Survey Shows More than 40% of Horses at Moderate to High Risk of Parasite Infection

Many thanks to everyone who has completed the CANTER Risk Profile for their horses over the last cou…

Piggy March CANTERS to support new campaign

at the National Equine Show A new pan-industry group, the first of its kind worldwide, has been form…