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National Equine Forum invites CANTER update

Dr Claire Stratford to speak at the National Equine Forum 2023

Chair of the CANTER Core Steering group, Dr Claire Stratford from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), has been invited to speak at the National Equine Forum, Thursday 2nd March 2023. Here she will provide an industry update to the challenges of wormer resistance highlighted in last year’s programme.

The 2022 the National Equine forum hosted a round table discussion titled ‘Equine Anthelmintic Resistance – a collective responsibility’ to raise awareness of the importance of this topic and the potential threat to horse health. Dr Claire Stratford and Dr Alison Pyatt from the VMD introduced the challenges, after which David Rendle, President Elect of the British Equine Veterinary Association and Claire Shand, Director at Westgate Laboratories and a registered SQP, gave their perspective of the challenges from their prescriber’s perspective.

The message was thus: The situation is grave unless all horse management is improved to minimise chemical use and implement better husbandry measures such as poo picking and resting and rotating grazing more effectively to control infectious larvae on pasture. To address this the VMD introduced their plans to unite the equestrian industry on this topic by initiating the formation of a pan industry group of experts to address anthelmintic resistance in horses in the UK.

12 months on Dr Claire Stratford returns to the forum to present our progress and to formally announce the introduction of CANTER (Controlling ANTiparasitic resistance in Equines Responsibly) to lead the equestrian community to change in this area.